September 13th ’16:

Two days ago it was the 15th anniversary of 9/11. A terrible event. Though, I must say, I don’t feel any compassion for the American people. It was their doing that was causing all these… catastrophies. But whatever…

In the end it has no meaning. ISIS will rise or fall. It won’t change anything in the great scheme of things. The western nations are part of what I’d call a symbiotic relationship to each other, while being the biggest parasite imaginable for the eastern nations.

Humanity is split in half…
There is US and THEM. Sure, every nation or state claims to be selfless, caring for its people although this exact thinking is what causes at least 50% of all wars. Whether it’s about spreading technology, claiming „Lebensraum“ or „improving“ humanity by conquering other nations to bring them the ideals of humanism, enlightenment or socialism, doesn’t matter. No nation is free of guilt.
Humanity is guilty.
But humans aren’t. One individual can never be the cause of such atrocities.

„Ingress“ is a name not many have ever heard of before. It’s a treasure- and monsterhunting game where you need to walk around outside to visit spots where you can find treasures and monsters will be encountered randomly. Seems familiar? It should.

Thinking. Something humans rely on, to work out what they have experienced. They want to understand, solve, grow… and repeat.

Auch wenn kein Gedanke zu Ende gedacht werden kann, durch die flüchtige Natur allens Gedachten verursacht, befriedigt sich der Mensch durch die Illusion es schaffen zu können…
wenn er nur wolle. Nein! Er denkt nicht es schaffen zu können; er denkt dieses Ziel erreichen zu können. Ziele sind die Zustände die zu erreichen sind um dem Menschen einen subjektiven Zustand der Befriedigung zu erreichen. Die Existenz dieses Zustandes ist nicht logisch zu begründen.

von Maximilian Kraft